Conor McGregor can make another UFC comeback, believes Mark Weir


Mark Weir compared the latest loss of Conor McGregor with Rocky 3, calling on the Irishman to go back to his roots, saying: “The only thing is, to create a legacy. He needs to focus on why he’s fighting. He needs to focus on what he wants to achieve”

When you’re a millionaire and life has become glamorous beyond your wildest dreams, how to retain motivation and ambition? It’s a riddle that few people will have to deal with inside or outside of fighting sport. But former UFC fighter Mark Weir claims that if he is to recover from the first KO defeat of his MMA career, sustained in the rematch with Dustin Poirier this past weekend, it’s a crucial mental puzzle to solve for Conor McGregor.

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“He’s got to be hungry. And one of the things he talked about when he was coming through, was that he didn’t have two pennies to rub together. He wanted a car, he wanted a house and when he saw Floyd Mayweather’s big boat, he wanted a boat,” Weir said (to Sky Sports)

“Everything he wanted to achieve, he’s achieved. He’s got his own whiskey. What else is there for him to do?”
That is the problem faced by many warriors, who often come from modest backgrounds and see material achievement as the objective of igniting their ambition and fueling their preparation. The development of a comfortable lifestyle and a safe bank account are often seen by these fighters as the moment to call time for their careers.
But Weir notes that if he redefines his ‘why’ and chases supremacy and legend status, McGregor can still attain higher levels of success and accomplishment.
“The only thing is, to create a legacy. He needs to focus on why he’s fighting. He needs to focus on what he wants to achieve. If he doesn’t focus, the old Conor is never going to come back and he’s going to do more damage to his reputation.

“People will focus on what he is now. People coming through now and seeing his performance, they’re going to think, ‘oh, he’s not that great.’ People have got short memories. They look at what’s happening now,” Weir said.

“It’s legacy and it’s all time. You want to set a standard that they’ll talk about you for a lifetime. You want your children and grandchildren to know about you. You want to be the Bruce Lee of the sport.”

Sylvester Stallone talks to reports in front of the Rocky statue for a "Creed II" photo op, Friday, April 6, 2018, in Philadelphia. The film, part of the "Rocky" film franchise, will be released later this year. (AP Photo/Michael Perez)

Weir, who achieved success in Kickboxing outside of MMA, also claims that McGregor needs clarification about which sport he is doing and believes that boxing flirtation is counterproductive to his cage results. MMA boxing, Weir insists, is inherently distinct from the methods used in the boxing sport.

“I’ve done this myself. Before I retired, I had both a K-1 title and an MMA title. When you do boxing for MMA, the hands are out further to stop opponents shooting in.

“The gloves are bigger in boxing, it’s easier to defend. You put on MMA gloves and there’s a gap straight through the middle still. You don’t have to worry about kicks, knees, people shooting in – there are so many elements missing.”

“He needs to be putting that time in the gym in a cage to get all that (MMA) ability back. If you’re not using it, you’re losing it and it’s a different sport (to boxing). Boxing demands you to be fixed for delivery and taking the hits, MMA requires you to be light and floating – one minute you’re punching, the next you’re kicking.”

Weir is optimistic that McGregor, a two-weight champion, will come back to dominate again in UFC from his fifth career defeat – if he recalibrates his attitude and remembers the attributes that gave him popularity and global fame.

“He’s got the history books, he’s got the videos of himself fighting. So, if he puts the time in and remembers himself, it’s going to be no problem.”

source: SKY SPORTS

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